10 things I learned from Charles

Since Charles’ death by suicide, I have adopted some of his traits. Nothing like the loss of a child to inspire you to take inventory of your life.

1. Follow your dreams

Do what you are passionate about and all else will follow. I remember Charles asking me one time what my dreams were. And if I was not actively

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Richmond, VA: Community Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Event: Tues, Jan 31, 2017 at St. Edward’s Church Youth Room.

Responding to the needs of their parishioners and recent suicide losses in our community, St. Edward’s and Beacon Tree Foundation are co-hosting an event focused on mental health, suicide awareness and prevention.

This event is

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Ways to kill yourself

I’m not really going to give you ways to kill yourself. I’m definitely alarmed you are looking up those words. But don’t leave. As a mom whose child died by suicide, I think I’ve earned your attention. And I think you found this post for a reason.

I know you just want

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Pristine heart – #griefheart number 207

Pristine heart

Charles loved snow. Where we live now is a giant hill in Forest Hill park and he’d beg his Dad to take him to that hill. As I go by there now, I remember how much he loved it.

I also remember visiting him at the Family School, a therapeutic boarding school in Hancock, NY. When we got there all

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Educators, we need your help supporting Preventure drug program

In order to see that the evidence-based Preventure Adolescent Drug Prevention Program is implemented here in Virginia, we need letters of support from educators.

To date, we have 1. Thank you St. Christopher’s! We

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The ache of pictures

I have avoided them. Circled them. Refused to dive in since going through them for the memorial service.

Those boxes and books of memories are full of a life cut short. Full of Charles’ life. His beautiful baby pictures with his huge brown eyes.

Sombreros, shark costumes, silly poses, Santa

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Exposed heart– #griefheart number 206

Exposed heart

I definitely expose my emotionally naked heart here on this site since the death of my son by suicide. I’m not sure how or why I got comfortable with that but it has helped me find others who are on this journey. It’s helped me work through my pain and not feel ashamed of my hurt.

By exposing

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Your child has just written you a message he’s suicidal

I do not have permission to share the letters I get from people who are hurting or ones that parents send me from their children with details of their depression and how worthless they feel. They are intensely personal. But I can share similarities I see in most of them.

They often refer to cutting

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The Emotional ICU known as grief

From Anne Moss. Logan suffered from anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation and an eating disorder.

By Tamara Rollinson

Logan Neale died in an accidental truck crash in July 2016 at 19. He suffered from mental illness and was very open about his struggles

Grief hits you on many levels. Loss of a job. Loss of a marriage. Death of your parents, friends and loved ones. Death is final. No turning back.

Done. Forever in this life time.


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